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Frequent Questions

  • 1

 How do I start the process of becoming a member of the club?

You must send a copy of your license or passport to the email: and one of our advisors will contact you.

  • 2

I want to be a member of the Club House, how many days can I enjoy it per year? 

The Club House is open 360 days a year you can reserve your place through an exclusive number for members.

  • 3

Does the Club House  have limited capacity? 

We have a limited capacity there are almost always places available in case of special dates it is recommended to book in advance.

  • 4

What happens if the member books and does not attend the reservation? 

There is no penalty but your next reservation will not be firm.


  • 5

As member, is my access to the club unlimited?

The member has unlimited access, with prior reservation.


  • 6

Meals and drinks have additional cost for members and guest?

No additional payments.

  • 7

Do motorcycle or car driving events have any extra payment outside of the membership?

The are no additional payments. It does not include accident or life insurance in case of an accident.

  • 8

How much do flight events cost?

It starts at $520 + Tax per hour(Florida) and the value goes up depending on the plane to be used.


  • 9

How does the travel club work? 

We inform the community, cities, dates, transfers, hotels + team, assistance and security.

  • 10 

As a Member I can visit the Club House of Spain and Miami? 

As a member you can book your visit at other club houses outside your country of permanent residence.

  • 11

​If I am a member how do I access the Club House-Hotel night?​

With your member number you can directly consult the customer service center about locations and availability.

  • 12

How the free parking system for members works?​

Very simple if the members is the direct owner of a vehicle, boat, sky jet or motorhome, we provide a free parking service.

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